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Indian Small Scale Paint Association
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Indian Small Scale Paint Association
Indian Small Scale Paint Association, commonly known as ISSPA, traces its origin to the year 1956, when excise duty was first imposed on paints when a group of small scale paint manufacturers banded together to unitedly protect the small scale paint industry.

Today, ISSPA's Membership encompasses the majority of small scale paint manufacturers, spread all over India.

ISSPA truly represents the small scale paint manufacturing industry in India. ISSPA's Membership consists of Ordinary Members (paint and allied manufacturers) and Associate Members (connected with the paint industry as suppliers of raw and packing materials). The Membership of ISSPA is open to anyone connected with the paint industry.

As on 19-Mar-2016 there were 1146 ordinary members and 753 Associate members.
Total 1899 members.
This is largest paint association of the world.
Indian Small Scale Paint Association
Indian Small Scale Paint Association
Main Objectives
Bullet To promote and protect the small scale paint industry in India.
Bullet To foster unity and co-operation among small scale paint and allied manufacturers, for their common progress and prosperity.

To represent and seek redress from Government for the difficulties experienced by its Members, by written submission to Government, interaction and representation on relevant Government bodies.


Identify problems that may arise, affecting the small scale paint industry and take preemptive measures.


To update Members about changes in Government regulations affecting their industry.


To disseminate among its Members updates in technology and management practices.


To help members to identify their strength, specialize and grow.

Indian Small Scale Paint Association
Indian Small Scale Paint Association

ISSPA is incorporated as a Company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.The Association is controlled by a Central Committee, consisting of a President, Vice President, and the Chairmen of all ISSPA regions, who collectively lay down policies for the Association and are responsible for its propagating the objectives of ISSPA. The term of office bearers is two years. ISSPA is divided into several Regions. Each Region has a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Members, forming a Committee. Here too, the term of office bearers is two years

Indian Small Scale Paint Association
Indian Small Scale Paint Association


Central Office

The Central Office does the administrative work for ISSPA. Additionally, the Central Office, under the guidance of the President, publishes a quarterly magazine, Paint News, giving updates on the industry. The Central office also circulates to all Members important notifications issued by Government of India regarding Central Excise and all matters related to the industry which are under the purview of the Central Government.

The Central office, under the guidance of the President, holds a Conference every two years, in different parts of the country, to afford an opportunity for all Members to meet. At such Conferences, talks are arranged on technological and management subjects. The Members are encouraged to actively participate in these Conferences, which have been very successful in meeting the objective of upgradation of the participant's technology and managerial skills, induction into emerging trends, interaction with other Members, etc. The Central office also participates in various exhibitions and all India events, to promote the objectives of the Association.

Organizes, study cum pleasure tours to major paint exhibitions such as China Coat.

Regional Office

The Regions had regular meetings of their Regional Committees and deals with difficulties faced by members, where necessary having recourse to legal processes. The Regions too organize, for the benefit of their Regional members conferences and workshops on technical and management subjects.

Where necessary, the Central office takes up cost escalation of inputs with Government or other relevant authorities and the Regions perform a similar function on behalf of the Association if the authority concerned falls within their jurisdiction.
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